This Privacy Policy discloses all the privacy practices for the website. is a digital marketing agency that protect your privacy online. Please read the following to learn what and which types of informations we collect because it enables us to deliver you a superior level of customer service from you and how we use that information. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email us: [email protected]

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Privacy Policy

How Do We Use Your Information?

  • To store your activation history.
  • For improving site features and performance.
  • For more support and help.
  • To ensure that you are actually compliance with our term and services.
  • For analysis and reporting purpose.
  • To inform you of new updates and moderation via messages.
  • For better performance and your experience.
  • For social media interaction with subscribe schema.

The Type of Information the Website Collects

1. The following Privacy Policy summarizes the various ways we treat personally identifiable and other information about you and any device from which you visit the Website. This Privacy Policy does not cover information collected through sites, applications, destinations, or services linked to from the Website.

2. The Website generally collects personally identifiable information with your specific knowledge and consent. For instance, when you fill out a form, complete a detail form, subscribe to any of our publications, register for services, or register and/or set up an account to access certain portions of the Website, or the Website as a whole, you may provide a credit, debit, or charge card number, or other payment information such as your name, telephone number, email, street address, age, gender, mobile phone number, and other personally identifiable information. You may also be provide information about your company such as your position/title, customer demographics, budget preferences, size of company, and other information regarding your job and company so we can better cater to your needs. All such information shall be referred to in this Privacy Policy as your "Contact Information".

3. Our servers may also automatically collect information about you, your online behavior and the device from which you access the Website as a cookies. The information collected may include the mac, model, settings, specifications, and geographic location of your device, as well as clickstream data related to your online behavior.

So, let’s move to technologies uses to get this information.


Cookies are small text files which have a unique identity in text format. Whenever you visiting our site, the cookies are stored in your browser for identification and easy access. Cookies can’t harm you at any time.
We use Cookies to improve our performance and content quality to provide you the best. You can refuse the cookie to store in your system.

Device Information

As same as other sites, we collect your device information like browser, internet connection, device information, or any other modem to access our site. Actually, the reason behind this is to prevent unauthorized access to our site.

Log Files

Like other websites, we collect some log files whenever your device is connecting to our server. This information looks like IP address, web browser information, types of services, Whether proxy or not, and some other.


We use the third-party analytics tool to ensure the usage and browsing patterns for our site. Sometimes it’s very important to know how users can find your site and from where they come.
So, from that perspective, we use such tools to ensure that from where you are able to find our site. We collect some more items like search parameters, search terms, click on users and some other.

COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

We ensure parents and guardians to observe and monitor individual internet activities. So, our primary priority is to provide protection for children’s while using the internet.
We do not collect any personal information from the children’s who are under the age of 13. We strongly suggest parents and guardians that if you know about this thing then, please inform us. We will remove such content as soon as possible.

Change in Privacy and Policy has all rights to change the privacy and policy of any occurrence. We also inform you via message for changing our privacy and policies.

Contacting the site

We always welcome you to give us feedback or any suggestions. If have any queries or doubt related site’s privacy and policy, feel free to contact via contact form.